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"a gypsy/folk ensemble with a dark cabaret twist"





the NEW EP FEB1st

coming to spotify, applemusic, & everywhere
CD available at cdbaby.com and Amazo








FREE REMIX! :stream HERE or dowload HERE


Wicked Faire, February 2-4, 2018
Hyatt Regency, Princeton, NJ

Whitney Center for the Arts, Pittsfield MA
Onelovenola Residency-Tour, Sept:
Hi-Ho Lounge, New Orleans LA
Evening Muse, Charlotte NC
Monstercade, Winston-Salem NC
The Basement, Nashville TN
Random Tea Room, Philly PA

PREVIOUS 2017 (highlights)
HiLo Gallery, Catskill NY
The Falcon, Newburg NY
Steampunk in the Catskills, E. Durham NY
Woodstock on the Green, Woodstock NY
Garden of Earthly Delights Witch Fest, Mooretown VT
O+ Festival, Poughkeepsie NY
Club Helsinki, Hudson NY
Steampunk World Fair, Piscataway, NJ



EP (2018)
‘The Dark Ride Mixes’, all-new mixes of 5 songs from the first album, plus a new remix. An additional remix will be available on this site as a free download. The new mixes were done by Floyd Fisher (Public Enemy, MTV).

ALBUM (2016)
The first album was produced by Seth Rogovoy, and mixed & mastered by Rachel Alina. Guest musicians include Tommy Stinson (The Replacements), Melora Creager (Rasputina), Pete Toigo, Fredo Viola, Luis Mojica, Elric Walker and Cameron Melville.



The original dust bowl faeries lineup, formed by Ryder Cooley, included Rubi LaRue, keyboardist Sara Ayers, guitarist Jen DuBois and drummer JoAnn Stevelos. This is the group featured in the newly-mixed Dark Ride video, on the first album, and on the new EP.

dust bowl faeires in the present:
Ryder Cooley: voice, ukulele, accordian, saw
Rubi Larue: lap steel guitar
Aaron Martin: piano, bass
JoAnn Stevelos: percussion
Hazel (a taxidermy ram): spiritual advisor


“At once winsome and terrifying, charming and bold, Dust Bowl Faeries is fast becoming an East Coast phenomenon”  
Michael Eck (award-winning cultural critic & freelance writer)

“A Dust Bowl Faeries concert is something like a deep, dark mystical-musical tragi-comedy, often centering around extinct and/or endangered members of the animal kingdom”
Greg Haymes  Nippertown

“When she beckons a lover down to the river or onto a dream-ship for a dark ride, she means you too, and you go, because why not? Okay, she’s wearing a stuffed ram’s head, with whom she has a close relationship, but she’s also wearing a beautiful black dress with a skirt like the petals of a dark flower. And yes, she plays accordion and ukulele, but unlike any accordion or ukulele you’ve heard before. They’re still deeply quirky and hard to categorize, although they call themselves “ethereal gothic-folk,” whatever that is, but, they make mesmerizing music together, now newly accessible, even entertaining, thanks, at least in part to the self-titled debut album”
Enid Futterman IMBY

“Cooley, a captivating performer, seems at times to be almost floating outward toward the audience, temporarily evacuating her corporeal space so the souls of extinct beasts have room in the vessel of her body to fill as she sings them forth”
Alexa Chase Seat of Perception


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