We have a new bass player, come to one of our upcoming shows
and meet Aaron Martin! photo: Dust Bowl Faeries with Aaron Martin
at our 2017 Spring Salon


2016: Dust Bowl Faeries recorded a new song about the endangered Black Rhinos
and the Black Mamba all-women militia who are protecting them.

You can support the Black Mambas by purchasing this song on Bandcamp.
Link: Lady Black Mamba

Thanks to Orchard Studio and Chara Amplification for the beautiful recording!

Thank you to everyone who helped fund the first Dust Bowl Faeries album!
We raised over $10,000 thanks to you.
You can purchase CD’s and downloads here: DBF Album
We are still raising funds to pay for post-production.
If you want to contribute please visit our campaign: DBF Campaign

Dust Bowl Faeries from Ryder Cooley on Vimeo.






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