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Dust Bowl Faeries

Join us on Sunday MAY 7th at CLUB HELSINKI
405 Columbia St. Hudson NY, 8pm

The Dust Bowl Faeries album is available
DBF Album | DBF Soundcloud  |  DBF Bandcamp
Chronogram Review, August 2016


Seasick Moon | Owl Song | Great Whiteish Bear
Song  about the endangered Black Rhinos Lady Black Mamba

Dust Bowl Faeries is an ethereal gothic ­folk ensemble with a dark cabaret twist. The unique compositions of Dust Bowl Faeries have roots in Gypsy, klezmer, and vaudeville music. Accordion, singing saw, ukulele, lap ­steel, electric guitar, bass & percussion combine to create the Dust Bowl Faeries’ otherworldly sound. The band was founded by artist­-musician Ryder Cooley in 2013. Ryder is accompanied by Karen Cole, Jen DuBois & JoAnn Stevelos. Aaron Martin joins the band on bass, and Hazel, a taxidermy sheep, performs with the Dust Bowl Fairies as mascot spirit animal/go­-go dancer.  (above: photo by David Lee / below: video by Chris Pellnat)

The Dust Bowl Faeries released their debut album in March of 2016. The album has been described as “a song cycle that leads listeners through darkness and light, from dream-pop to drone-rock, from girl-group harmonies to Velvet Underground-like textures, from the Arctic and into the forests, up the Hudson River on a steam-punk voyage to the psychedelic Gypsy cabarets of futures past, from cutting-edge electronica to wispy neo-folk tunes, and to netherworlds beyond” (S.R.)

The Dust Bowl Faeries album was recorded in the N.Y. Hudson Valley by Tommy Stinson at Bi-Polarbear Studio and at Three Horses in a Wood Studio. The album was mixed and mastered by Rachel Alina in Hudson N.Y. The recording  includes a stunning array of guest musicians, including Tommy Stinson of the Replacements, Melora Creager of Rasputina, Sara Ayers, Pete Toigo, Fredo Viola, Luis Mojica, Elric Walker and Cameron Melville.

Dust Bowl Faeries are infinitely thankful to all of their wonderful supporters who made the album possible, including: Seth Lachterman, Jack Millard, John Cooley, Stacey Richter, Seth Rogovoy, Cameron Melville, Marty Smalline, Xylor Jane, Elric Walker, Linda Mussman/TSL, Peter Fowler, Alana Sparrow/The Foundry, Peter Zschiesche, Marsha Howard, CAC Woodside and all of the cats at Animalkind


(band practice at the cat rescue, 2016)